Beth Dary
Equilibrium, 2008, glass
Equilibrium, 2008, glass
Full Service Island
Equilibrium, 2008, glass
Full Service Island, 2009, installation
Beth Dary, Full Service Island
Full Service Island, Art In Odd Places, SIGN:2009, Chelsea Carwash, New York, NY
Multi-channel video installation, dimensions variable
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Full Service Island is a collaborative public art installation/video project created with Christy Speakman for Art in Odd Places, SIGN:2009, in NYC. The installation site at the Chelsea Carwash in Manhattan became both studio and stage. Two large-scale videos were projected onto existing glass windows of the station. The videos echoed traces of daily acts at the station and explored imagery of impervious surfaces, runoff, soapsuds and the force of water in a highly urban environment.
Full Service Island (detail center), 5 x 11 ft | © Beth Dary 2012